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Commercial Vessels:

Our aluminium vessels are CNC cut and are computer-designed to exceed the minimum survey standards.  They can also be supplied as flat pack kitsets.  Using state-of the-art computer software, we can provide accurate parts and construction drawings, quickly and cost effectively.  

Some examples from our range of commercial vessels...
  Two of these 9.2m 30ft REA (Rapid response and Environmental Accessment)  vessels were recently designed and built in New Zealand for the NZ Defence Force.  This specialist military vessel has a removeable top and fits into a C130 Hercules on a road legal trailer for rapid deployment.  Powered by twin Yanmar 370hp engines through Hamilton 274 jets units, capable of 40 knots and carries a crew of 6.

The NZ Defence Force chose our tender over other oversea's competitors because of our ability to think outside the normal boundaries and design/build a vessel that exceeded their expectations.

Built by NSR Boats, Opua. New Zealand.

Design Ref: Mil9200CAT
WINNER of the  2013 Minister of Defence Awards of Excellence to Industry

  After the success of our 8m tourist vessel (above) the same company has just launched a second larger vessel.  At 11.8m (38ft) it has seating for 48 people and is powered by twin 60hp four stroke outboards giving very quiet and smooth operation.  This second vessel has been built to a very high quality by Orca Marine.

Design Ref: COM12000

  This 8m pontoon vessel is designed for commercial tourist operations.  Our proven hull design gives an excellent ride in rough water and the pontoons keep spray down and give extra stability at rest.  This 8m (26ft) vessel is licensed for 24 people and includes a toilet cubicle with full headroom. Built by Orca Marine, Rotorua, New Zealand

Design Ref: COM8000

7.5m (24.5ft) Aluminium dive vessel
Included in our range are aluminium sports/dive/fishing/parasail vessels from 7.5m (24ft).  Many of these vessels are in operation around Fiji and the Islands with outboard or sternleg power.  Strong yet light construction in aluminum, to survey standards. Available in cabin, centre console or fully enclosed.  CNC cut kits provided for an easy and fast build.

Design Ref: CDC7500

16m (53ft) Aluminium catamaran patrol/workboat


This displacement catamaran is in use by a local port company serving as a pilot/buoy maintenence/oil response vessel. We can custom-design these vessels from 12m for any application where a stable work platform is required. Twin 350hp engines give 18knots cruise speed.

Design Ref: CPC16D

  Custom designed 8m Coastguard vessel - we worked with the client and builder (Orca Marine) to ensure that our design met the criteria and suited the application 100%.  Our customer is delighted with the result!

Design Ref: ORIB8P

18m (60ft) Aluminium dive/passenger transfer high speed vessel   We also specialise in high-speed passenger transfer/dive vessels.  Powered by twin engines through waterjets or surface drives, these are designed to handle rough-water  with ease. 
Light yet strong construction. From 12m to 30m (40ft – 100ft).

Design Ref: CDC18P

DOC Waikato A custom-built 7.5m Department of Conservation vessel for the Waikato region.  Powered by twin 150hp outboards it has a top speed of 40knots and a cruise of 30+ knots.  Surveyed for up to 9 POB.

This big-volume vessel has a beam of 2.90m and has exception ride and handling qualities. Even the MSA surveyor stated  "This is the best vessel for its size that I have driven"

Another quality build by NSR Boats, Opua, New Zealand

Watch for the review in Professional Skipper Magazine (July/August, 2014)

Design Ref: CM7500



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