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Alan R. Walker, Naval Architect




Naval Architecture 2014 Ltd


2 Baffin Street
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Bay of Islands
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Coastdesign was set up in 1990 by Alan Walker after his qualification as a Naval Architect in March, 1988.

Since then, Coastdesign has built a solid reputation in the design field and is now widely recognised as a specialist in the aluminium powerboat industry, both in design, as a consultant in production methods and in project management.  CNC (computer numeric control) cut files are our specialty and these enable the components for a vessel to be cut from the data on a computer disk using plasma, water-jet, laser or milling machine.

Coastdesign uses the Autoship suite of leading-edge marine design software and is able to provide complete designs quickly and cost effectively.  

Coastdesign currently contracts to a number of recognised boatbuilders and has designed an extensive range of aluminium pleasurecraft, including the Fyran range.  We are also involved in the supervision and refinement of production methods on an on-going basis.  Coastdesign continues to be involved with Toyota Marine Group in the design of aluminum power boats for the Japanese pleasurecraft market.

Coastdesign has also gained a reputation in the commercial field and has designed many aluminium and steel vessels for use as passenger ferries, workboats, military vessels and dive boats to survey requirements.

Coastdesign in conjunction with NSR Boats won the international tender to design and build two specialist REA vessels for the New Zealand Defence Force.  Coastdesign is also contracted to Navatek in Hawaii providing consulting and design services for the SeaBlade TM range of UDV vessels.

Conformity with a particular construction standard is increasingly a customer requirement - Coastdesign has designed vessels to many international codes including MSA (New Zealand) JCI (Japan), Lloyds, ABS, DNV and USL.




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